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This textbook is about working in teams to create functioning software. It covers skills in Agile software development methods, team working, version control and continuous integration and shows readers how to apply some of the latest ideas from lean, Agile and Kanban.
Part I, which focuses on People, describes various project roles and the skills needed to perform each role. This includes members of self-organizing teams, scrum masters, product owners and activities for managing other stakeholders. The skills needed to create Product artefacts are detailed in Part II. These include skills to create Agile requirements, architectures, designs as well as development and security artefacts. The Agile development Process to coordinate with co-workers is described in Part III. It introduces the skills needed to facilitate an incremental process and to use software tools for version control and automated testing. Eventually some more advanced topics are explained in Part IV. These topics include large projects comprising multiple cooperating teams, automating deployment, cloud software services, DevOps and evolving live systems.
You can’t learn new skills just by reading about them. You have to read, practice, evaluate, reflect and read some more. By practice, I mean apply and then put into practice. Each chapter has exercises. These exercises are important to help you acquire the skills you need. Some exercises are performed alone for some, you will need to work in a group. Performing the exercises is, perhaps, the most important part of the book

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