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Many cloud computing initiatives flat-out fail others limp along, functioning tolerably without ever delivering what they promised. An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing reveals why, and shows how to do better. Cloud pioneer and long-time CTO David Linthicum explodes the industry’s secrets, and presents practical ways to optimize cloud for value and performance.
Linthicum takes a hard look at aggressively marketed technologies such as cloud-based AI, containers, no-code, serverless computing, and multicloud. He illuminates what works, what absolutely does not work, and how to manage the difficult cost-complexity tradeoffs presented by many offerings. You’ll learn why some workloads and datasets still don’t belong on the cloud, and even discover "game changer" technology that has actually been undersold.
Linthicum’s seen it all: the tricks providers play to make their numbers at customers’ expense... realities whispered about in conference rooms and spilled over drinks at conferences... facts and techniques you simply must know to deliver value-optimized solutions.
There are thousands of secrets in the cloud computing industry. If revealed, these secrets could help more enterprises succeed with cloud projects their first time and avoid expensive do-overs or the ongoing expenses of a cloud system that “more or less” works, but not really and not ideally.
This book reveals many of those secrets, as well as the secrets that swirl around the hidden values of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, containers, no-code, and serverless computing. There is information about what works, what doesn’t, and how to pick your best resources for migration or net-new cloud-based application development. Finally, and most important, this book reveals why some workloads and data sets don’t belong in the cloud…for now. We also review the true value of cloud computing in general.
Other secrets will spill, such as the actual value of cloud computing when it’s applied to your carbon footprint, and the folly of some cloud technologies that were hyped just a few years ago that are now worthless and should be avoided. Also included is a discussion of “game changer” technologies that have small marketing budgets and should be examined more closely.
What cloud providers don’t tell you about their storage and compute services
Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What are you actually paying for?
Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native development: truth versus hype
Multicloud: Which approaches actually save you money?
Real-world cloud security: beyond siloes, black boxes, and out-of-control complexity
Cloud computing, carbon footprints, and sustainability: reality versus fiction
The crucial role of talent: how to identify, find, and keep the skills you need
How cloud computing is changing-and how to prepare for what’s coming
Chapter 1. How “Real” Is the Value of Cloud Computing?
Chapter 2. The Realities and Opportunities of Cloud-Based Storage Services That Your Cloud Provider Will Not Tell You About
Chapter 3. The Realities and Opportunities of Cloud-Based Compute Services That Your Cloud Provider Will Not Tell You About
Chapter 4. Innovative Services and Public Clouds: What Do You Really Pay For?
Chapter 5. Containers, Container Orchestration, and Cloud Native Realities
Chapter 6. The Truths Behind Multicloud That Few Understand
Chapter 7. Cloud Security Meets the Real World
Chapter 8. Cloud Computing and Sustainability: Fact Versus Fiction
Chapter 9. The Evolution of the Computing Market
Chapter 10. Here’s the Future of Cloud Computing from an Insider’s Perspective… Be Prepared
Chapter 11. Wrapping Things Up: Miscellaneous Insider Insights

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